Friday, April 22, 2011

Let the CrAfT sHoWs begin!

The JITT sisters and mom have loaded up the trailer and are ready to head across the bridge to Lexington, Oklahoma for the 89'er bash tomorrow! So, load up your family and come visit us at our first outdoor festival. Come on over and make the trip across the bridge, because the junk girls will be set up rain or shine! The kids will enjoy the carnival set up with rides that will go into the night. Booths open at 8 am and the car, motorcycle, and tractor show begins at 10 am. Don't forget to stay for the parade that begins at 3! Hope everyone is able to come and don't forget that Mother's Day is fast approaching and we have some awesome jewelry and accessories that will make MOM love you forever! So...come by and check out our booth!

P.S. Don't forget any last minute Easter basket goodies!

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